A Mother’s Heart


2012-0037To be a mother is to forever have your heart walk around outside your body.

Being a mom is the best but also the hardest job in the world. The demands of being wholly responsible for another person are exhausting. You work so hard to teach them to be independent, and then someone wants to go off and do their own thing their own way—instead of making the bed or clearing their supper dish—and you wonder if maybe you are doing your job just a little too well!

The holidays are an especially wonderful but difficult time. There is all the excitement of Christmas programs, visits to family, and of course—the gifts. But with everything that is going on there might be a little too much visiting and caroling but not enough getting to bed on time. I will tell you what—when Mommy doesn’t get enough rest she can get a little hard headed. That goes double for the boys! Needless to say there was a lot of butting heads in our household last month.

But then, in the midst of an especially challenging day you receive something like this:

I Love You mom. Kaelen loves you too! From: Ted To: Mom Ok!

Written on the inside of an animal cracker box it reads: “I love you Mom. Kaelen loves you too! From: Ted To: Mom Ok!” It was a great reminder from my 1st grader of why I love being a mom. My heart was so full I thought it might burst!

Today I finally was able to get the boys in their Christmas outfits and in front of our tree for our holiday photos. Although I couldn’t get any of all 3 of them without someone being totally miserable, I did get some nice pictures of each of them individually. As I look at them I am reminded that even though some of the days are really long, the seasons are so short! Remember to cherish every second—even the challenging ones!


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