The View from the Zoo


2012.01.04 Toledo Zoo Lights

A holiday tradition here in Toledo is to visit an amazing light display at the zoo. Although we are zoo members and can go free we rarely make it out to see “The Lights Before Christmas” until after Christmas, if at all. I thought we had missed our chance again this year but they offered an encore tonight and tomorrow night.
We had such a wonderful time even though it was cold—really cold, around 20-25 degrees before the wind chill. We got there around 3:30 so even though it wasn’t dark yet we did get to see a few animals. It was close to feeding time so everyone was very active and very noisy. I don’t think I had actually heard a tiger roar or an elephant trumpet before tonight. I love seeing the animals in the winter because those who are out are really active. I’d swear the snow leopard was close enough to touch, and he is usually hidden away in the back of the exhibit.
Another thing I love about going in the winter is how much space there is to play and see things. The lights are usually pretty crowded but since we were there so early we had the place pretty much to ourselves. We were very pleased to find the building in Nature’s Neighborhood (the children’s zoo area) open and completely vacant. We probably spend 45 minutes there waiting for dusk while the boys explored the heated building. Jensen, who has just started walking, was especially pleased to have a new area to check out without being confined to the stroller.
The light displays are always a lot of fun to see. There are dancing lights set to many different songs including Trans Siberian Orchestra, and a dueling banjos version of “Jingle Bells.” There is also an 85 foot Norway Spruce completely decorated with over 35,000 LED lights. The boys were especially pleased to find a model train display in the museum of science which featured 6 trains including Thomas and the Polar Express. The drive in at the model train display also happened to be showing the movie “The Polar Express.”
A great time was had by all. If you are in the Toledo area and have not seen the lights I would highly recommend bundling up tomorrow night and heading out.


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