Mine—yeah right! Once you become a mother nothing is yours—EVER AGAIN! Your time, your energy, your thoughts all become property of your children. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, your body is not your own. Even the bathroom in our house is a public space right now. As I type this my oldest son is outside wearing my hat and pink gloves (at least they are not my new ones). Don’t get me wrong—I am happy to give it all up to my children, I really am—but sometimes I just want something of my own.
While most treats in my house end up shared with or without previous consent I do have one treasure that I don’t usually have to share, my Ghirardelli Chocolate. I’m not sure when I developed a taste for dark chocolate. It could be when I learned it was good for my heart and brain, and therefore guilt free in smallish servings. It was probably when I realized that the boys don’t like dark chocolate. I can put my bag on top of the fridge and the boys leave it alone! There is no need to hide it in my closet or sock drawer. Of course occasionally when the boys see me eating it they will decide dark chocolate is better than no chocolate and ask for a piece, and of course I will share with them—but at least I get extra special mommy points for sharing Mommy’s extra special chocolate.
I just got a new bag today, along with a bottle of my wedding champange. So tonight I look forward to eating my chocolate and drinking my champange while watching my show (Downton Abbey is back–huzzah!). I guess I do have some things of my own!


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