2013.01.05 On The Go

As a mom of three boys I know a thing or two about movement. The baby is an especially wiggly guy. Unlike his brothers—or any other baby I know for that matter—he is a fidgeter. Even as young as 3 months old he was always moving something, kicking his legs, waving his arm, something. He took his first steps in November and became a full-fledged walker over that last few weeks. Just before Thanksgiving he started pushing a walker around the house in circles, just for the pleasure of walking behind it. He is sort of between sizes right now so a lot of his pants are long—to compensate for this he started knee-walking before Christmas. By this I mean he would kneel but then move his legs forward as if he were walking.
This week he has had a number of adventures which he has gotten out to walk during. While he had a lot of fun at the Chicago field Museum and the zoo, I think he loved shopping at Target best. He strolled down the aisles with a huge smile on his face getting attention from every other shopper passing by. Sure I did not actually get to shop for what we were there for, but the joy on his face was so worth it!
As I tried to capture a shot of my little mover for today’s theme of movement I was faced with a challenge. “How can I get a picture of you moving if you won’t stand still?” I have a lot of pictures of the floor and the wall and maybe a blurry over-exposed shoulder. Finally I choose this one. Yes it is way out of focus—but isn’t any moving object? What I love about it though is the pride and joy on his face because he is walking!



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