Return to the Real World


Two weeks of Christmas vacation are over. Two weeks filled with travel, staying up late, and better yet sleeping late. Two weeks of staying in PJs as long as we felt like it. Those two weeks are over, today we returned to the real world. My husband went back to work after a week off and my oldest son went back to school. This morning we had to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and load everyone in the car to take Theodore to school. Of course this was a little easier two weeks ago. While the holiday hangover may have had some effect this morning there is one big change that is going to make mornings a little more complicated from now on: in two weeks Jensen has transitioned from baby to toddler. Before Christmas break I could give Jensen a bottle and plop him down in the pack in play while rousing his brothers out of bed. Now he wants to wander freely and enjoy a bowl of cereal just like his brothers. I suppose I should be grateful that he was up at 6:15 this morning so I was out of bed on time–but I would have prefered to sleep that extra hour. Thankfully this morning did go by without too much difficulty and Theodore got to school on time (even if it was a little later than usual).

IMG_1931The Photo-A-Day prompt for today was “street”.  I took this while waiting to pick Theodore up from school today.  Pick up was surprisingly less of a nightmare than usual, or maybe I just didn’t notice because I got caught up in conversation with another mom.  I really wish the school would bring back looping… *sigh*  Oh well, that really is for another time.


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