The Magician’s Sons


Tonight's instalment: chapter 2, Digory and His Uncle

We are a family of readers. Josh and I both grew up reading a lot, and now the boys all enjoy books immensely. Even Jensen who doesn’t yet understand what is going on will sit and flip through the pages of whatever book is within reach, be it a colorful ABC board book or Daddy’s latest Preston & Child suspense.
Although we have always read to our children frequently and pretty much on demand we do not have a nightly reading ritual. Some nights may have Ted and Kae each picking out a story while others may not include a story at all. Until now, that is. Josh has decided that the boys are old enough to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” with him. He purchased the collection a few years ago and was very disappointed when they did not have the focus to listen to an entire chapter, especially when there were no pictures! Last night we started again. The whole family sat down on the couch while Josh read the opening chapter of “The Magician’s Nephew.” Ted was enchanted and eager to continue, Kae was less interested but happy to be sitting cuddled up with Mommy & Daddy, Jensen got down after a few words and played quietly on the floor. Tonight we continued.
I think this may become something that the older boys will never forget.  There is something quite magical about reading as a family. I remember gathering in bed with my brothers—a different room each night—while my Dad read to us the Hobbit when I was young. I don’t remember how old I was when we did that (older than Ted is now for certain) and I don’t even remember the details of the story (there are a lot of details in Tolkien) but I will always remember the special feeling of togetherness as we explored Middle Earth as a family. I hope Ted and Kae will enjoy exploring Narnia with their father just as much.

Ted & Kae listen to Daddy read from "The Magician's Nephew"
Ted & Kae listen to Daddy read from “The Magician’s Nephew”

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