Four can be a very difficult age, but it is one of my favorites! The reason for both is the same: it is around four that you no longer have a baby or toddler, but a real person. Babies and toddlers are wonderful, and while they certainly have personalities, they have a limited   capability to really communicate or connect with other people. I think around four is when this little person starts to really tune into how others are feeling. They also become so much more independent. There is so much they can do for themselves. Kaelen makes his own sandwiches many days (it seems it is easier to make it himself then to ask Mommy nicely to make it for him). He is potty trained. He is able to pick up his clothes and make his bed, and will even do it without very much prompting sometimes!
Four is when interests start to emerge that are really personal. Babies and toddlers can to persuaded to be interested in whatever their parents or siblings are interested in (such as coordinating Halloween costumes), but once a four-year old makes up his mind, his mind is made, and there is not much to do to get him to change it. This is what can be very frustrating, but the personality is what makes it so much fun!
Kaelen turned four last year on Easter. I have learned so much about him since then. He really likes the Muppets, his favorite is Fozzie because he is funny. Kae has this amazing laugh when he watches or listens to the Muppets.
He asked for a kitchen last year for his birthday and again for Christmas. We got him a small stove top and he received food or dishes from just about everyone else. He has spent probably 80 hours cooking ice cream and goulash for everyone since then. He won’t eat goulash when I make it–but he loves to cook it.
He is going to be a photographer. He has liked taking pictures with our camera for a long time, but since we got our iPhones in the fall I am constantly finding series of photos of the ceiling and floor, blurry shots of the back of his hand or his eyes and forehead, and lots of pictures of Jensen. The pictures I am sharing today we took together while we were waiting for Ted to get out of school. I so treasure just getting to cuddle up with him to goof off and capture those smiles.





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