One O’Clock


2013.01.10 1 oclock

It has been a busy few days so I am catching up. Thursday’s prompt was 1:00. I like 1:00. 1:00 is nap time for Jensen. Kaelen has eating lunch by now and is entertaining himself so Mommy has a little time to herself. Time to do some laundry. Time to take a shower (Yes–I shower in the middle of the afternoon, moms shower when there is time). Then, if Jensen is still napping, I could do more laundry (there is ALWAYS more laundry), I could do dishes, I could do any number of other household chores, but usually I will sit down at the computer for a little bit. Sometimes I’ll work on my digital scrapbooks or imerse myself in Pinterest. Sometimes I’ll play my latest purchase from Big Fish Games. right now I am playing through an RPG from Eridani Games called “Leah’s Quest.” I have really enjoyed it and it’s companion “Ella’s Hope.” For anyone reading this who likes the Aveyond games by Amaranth I would recommend checking these out. The story is charming and engaging, with appropriately challenging levels, and a variety of side quests. In fact–I think I will go see what is in store for Leah right now!


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