Family Game Night



Back when my husband & I were married Target was carrying a line of vintage style classic board games in wooden boxes. “Hey,” we thought, “We love games…we should register for some of these!” We ended up receiving Monopoly, Scrabble, and much to my delight, Clue. Growing up we did not own Clue but I loved playing it at my Mormor & Pa’s house. I loved the miniature murder weapons and the handmade envelope (the original had been lost) with a magnifying glass drawn by my mom on it. It had been a long time since we had played and so I was very excited to take it home and play with my new husband. I was so excited that I did not realize that to play Clue you need at least 3 players. So we quickly set to work on getting another player…
My oldest is now seven and very in to “Family Night.” It doesn’t matter much to him if what we do on family night is the same thing we do several nights/day a week, if we call it family night it must be extra special. He is coming of age to be playing board games. He especially likes Star Wars Monopoly even though he never gets very far into the game. We were looking together for a game to play and my eyes fell upon the forgotten Clue. At long last we had 3 players! Ted played Col. Mustard, Kae and I were Mr. Green, and Josh was Prof. Plum. The game started out well, I thought I was really on to something, until Ted revealed he had a card that I asked about several turns earlier. More than once he screwed up my strategy by (unintentionally) withholding evidence. The boys had a great time. I have no idea how many things Ted figured out, but he sure loved suspecting people. Kae really enjoyed moving the suspects and weapons into the different rooms when they were called. Josh won, of course it is easy to win when you are the murder.
Josh and I use to play games frequently before Ted got old enough that he wanted to steal all the pieces. Jensen is in that phase right now. Kaelen is a little too young for most of our games. Regardless, I hope this is something that we can do more often.

Ted with Clue

P.S. An update on Kaelen’s dislike of eating goulash. We made it up tonight, but combined all the veggies into a sauce (like spaghetti sauce) and he loved it.


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