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Ultimate Diaper Rash Treatment



With three boys I have treated my fair share of diaper rashes. Sometimes no matter how often you change the baby, or how generous you are with the diaper cream or powder, he is going to get a rash. We have always used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and have been very happy with it.
Yesterday, however, my poor little man had six stinky diapers. After each one we had a little naked time to dry out, added a thick layer of butt paste, followed by powder, and diapered him back up only to discover an increasingly worse case of diaper rash at the next change. By the end of the day it was painful to even look at his poor red bottom. After we bathed him for the night I remembered something my mom mentioned just the other day from her time working in the hospital. Instead of putting on diaper cream and then powder we mixed them together first. This morning, despite being stinky again, the rash was almost completely gone. After another application this morning he was all healed up.
I have been changing diapers for seven years and I have never seen a case of diaper rash clear up so fast. I had also never heard of mixing the cream and the powder, so I thought I would pass it along.
Here’s to keeping that baby bottom as smooth as… smooth as a baby’s bottom should be.