Jedi Padawan Party


Star Wars Party

I’m still in party planning mode.  I only have a few weeks before I need to start putting together things for Jensen’s first un-birthday party in June.  By the way, we are planning a Wonderland/Mad Hatter Tea Party theme, but most of what I find is very girly.  If any one has any suggestions for a BOY Wonderland party I would love to hear them.

This was Ted’s party from a few years ago.  I received so many compliments on everything I thought I would share.  Anyone who know my oldest knows he is a HUGE Star Wars fan–he comes by it honestly–so it was no surprise that he chose it for his theme when he turned six.  While there is no shortage of Star Wars themed party supplies, this was our first party with school friends, and I was not sure how many activities I needed to have planned.  After searching online I came across a few blogs with ideas.  Unfortunately this was BP (before Pinterest) so I scribbled notes down on a scrap of paper and now have no clue where the ideas came from, so I don’t have the original links.  Sorry, and thanks whoever you are who inspired me!

First a few decorations:




We pretty much just used store-bought themed banners, balloons, and other party supplies.  My mom made the R2D2 cake that she has made MANY times before. It is a Wilton cake pan from the 80’s, but you can still find it online.  We also brought in a few things from home that fit the mood including Ted’s Build-A-Bear friends dressed as a Jedi and Darth Vader, and my R2D2 Toy Box.  The toy box served the additional purpose of holding the supplies for the craft we did: build your own lightsaber.


I’ve seen something similar to this on Pinterest using colored pool noodles with a handle added before the party.  The kids loved this so much more!  We brought in plain pipe insulation and a bunch of different colors of duct tape.  The kids all got to design their own light saber by wrapping the duct tape around the insulation.  They all were very creative, most of them used several colors and different designs.  We had enough supplies left over that several of the adults also made light sabers. (By the way, do you like my Padme Amidala costume, I had been working on it for about 7 months)


Designing a light saber was intended to be the first step of four in completing the Jedi Padawan training.  We had also planned to take the kids on an obstical course and to have them work together to carry a balloon with their light sabers.  However, once everyone was done building their light saber, and huge battle broke out and we decide not the intrupt the fun with planned activities.  We did complete the last step of the Padawan training though, destroying the Death Star.


I am not a fan of piñatas but this one was two good to pass up.  We made the Death Star piñata at home.  It was a simple as getting a round balloon (we used a punching balloon) and forming your piñata over it.  Once it is dry cut a  circle out of the side, add your candy, then place the cut out back in the side of the piñata but turn it inside out so you have the divot. Paint and you are done.


We decorate our piñata stick to also look like a light saber.  If you are making your first piñata at home remember it does not need to be as heavy-duty as you think.  We made this one WAY to thick, but it worked anyway.  No one was able to break it, but when the hook came out we just tossed it up and let it explode on the pavement.


I’m sure we will be doing this party at least once more, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


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