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A Summer of Creation


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The older boys are back in school, well Theodore is back in school (2nd grade-WOW). Kaelen is home this morning, he has Kindergarten orientation this afternoon and will start all-day classes on Monday. It is a big change for us. I am especially looking forward to some private time with “the baby” who is now 20 months old. I’m also looking forward to his morning naps, allowing me quiet time all to myself. I intend to enjoy it while it lasts.
Although I realize I have not written a post all summer, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been wedging out little bits of time for myself here and there. Unfortunately these little bits of time have not been long enough to form a coherent sentence, much less a paragraph or whole blog entry. I have been exercising my creative muscles in a more visual manner though. Last May I started a Facebook page called “A Moment In Time.” A Moment in Time started with a timeline cover for bereaved Mother’s day, but is really intended to be a place to celebrate all aspects of life. I’ve been very pleased to create covers for my many cousins who were married or engaged over the summer, a few birthday covers, covers celebrating summer itself (and now fall), and some covers focused on some of life’s challenges.
Today I would like to share some of the covers I created for “A Day of Hope” which was this past Monday. Spreading awareness of the prevalence of miscarriages, still-births, and infant loss is something I feel strongly about. I think it wasn’t until 15 months after my miscarriage that I really began to understand how many families were affected by MSIL (1 in 4). My family and my doctor were very supportive, but I still felt so much more alone than I should have.

Moments Angels-003

Day of Hope Profile (2)

I am the 1 in 4

I am the 1 in 4 Personalized Auriel

For Good

Please feel free to use any of these free images (Click over to A Moment in Time to have one personalized). I create all my images for no reason other than the joy it brings me. There is never a cost. If there is a cause near and dear to your heart please share it with me. I would be all too happy to create something to help you spread the word. Blessings to you all!